Sunday, September 11, 2016

Movie Review - Pete's Dragon ( 2016 )

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So hey this is my first movie review and i am gonna go with this Disney's movie called Pete's Dragon. This movie actually is about a boy name pete who lost his parents in a car accident in a middle of nowhere and suddenly got adopted by a dragon named elliot. Surprisingly he made it to live with elliot and they become best friend for 6 years . Their life started to change when he found a group of lumberjack chopping down the trees near his home. He met new people, his home destroyed and some bad people trying to catch Elliot for fame.

Aku ulas dalam bahasa melayu je lah senang. So cerita ni sebenarnya agak menarik untuk siapa yang minat filem adventure fantasy and recommended for you guys untuk tengok sebab cerita ni i can say is about nature which is they banyak shoot dalam hutan and bandar yang dikelilingi hutan. Bagi aku movie ni memang best sebab i am a big fan of adventure fantasy. Cerita yang tak logik macam magic, dragon, dalam hutan apa semua tu memang aku minat.

Aku suka dia punya storyline walaupun agak cliche and a bit slow sikit at the beginning tapi still worth to watch. Tempat shooting sangat menarik sebab hutan yang dipilih super cantik which is memang tempat yang aku teringin nak pergi. Bandar diorang pon menarik ala ala bandar cowboy macam tu. I am not sure where is exactly the place but it is awesome and i like it. The graphic is very nice and the dragon looks real as fuck. Ending sangat menarik macam mana hidup Pete and Elliot lepas orang dah tahu kewujudan sang naga tu. 

Masa tengok movie ni memang seronok rasa macam ada dalam movie tu tapi bile dah habis omg i need to get back to real life. So kalau nak tau macam mana boleh lah tengok sendiri ! :)

Thank you and bye !